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Books: Non-Fiction

Book: Nokia Smartphone Hacks by Michael Juntao Yuan (Paperback, 2005) Defined as a mobile phone with computer functionality, these little devices allow you to do everything from send email and take pictures to control other computers remotely. Covering variety of topics, this book explains how to: tweak the...
Book: Configuring Check Point Firewalls for Nokia IP Security Platforms Kit by Ch... 
Mobile Information Technical Architecture by Nokia (Paperback, 2002)
Book: Nokia: The Inside Story by Martti Haikio, Michael Johnson (Hardback, 2002) The inside story of Nokia's rise from smalltown Finnish rubber factory to global telecommunications superpower. Based on unprecedented access to company archives and employees past and present, the book provides an honest and authoritative account of...
Book: Nokia: The Inside Story by Martti Haikio (Paperback, 2003) 
Book: 100 Cool Camera Phone Techniques: Covers Series 60 Phones from Nokia, Samsu... Covering the Series 60 Smartphones from Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Siemens, Panasonic, and other manufacturers, this guide shows the ten million Smartphone users how to move beyond the instruction manual and harness their phones' full potential.
Professional Mobile Internet Technical Architecture: Visions and Implementa...
Professional Mobile Internet Technical Architecture: Solutions and Tools: 2...
Book: Mobile Usability: How Nokia Changed the Face of the Mobile Phone by Harri K... Offers guidance on how to provide maximum usability to end-users of Nokia mobile phones. This book provides coverage of: the elements of a Nokia user interface; the Nokia design philosophy, from concept creation to product testing; the future of...
Book: Work Goes Mobile: Nokia's Lessons from the Leading Edge by Vishy Gopalakris... This book tells the inside story of Nokia's efforts to use mobile capabilities for business benefits. It helps decision makers understand that mobility is a business solution - and that only by addressing people, processes, and technology in a...
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