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Book: Understanding Digital Television: The Route to HDTV by Brian T. Evans (Pape... 
Book: HDTV For Dummies(r) by Pat Hurley, Danny Briere (Paperback, 2004) Provides an explanation of what HDTV is and how to choose one, hook it up, locate and access programming sources, and how to connect your movie machines and Xbox for even more HD fun. This work shows you how to: plan your HDTV system and choose the...
HDTV and Future Television: 1991: Proceedings of the Third Annual Conferenc...This contains the proceedings of the second annual conference to be held on high definition television.
HDTV and Future Television: 1992: Proceedings of the Third Annual Conferenc...This volume contains the proceedings of the third annual conference on high definition television held in London, December 1991.
HDTV Home Theater Bible by Kim Baker, Sunny Baker (Paperback, 2003)
Book: How Home Theater and HDTV Work by Michael Miller (Paperback, 2005) A home theater book that helps you not only understand what you want, but also why you want it and how to hook it all up. It covers: broadcast vs. cable vs. satellite television; standard definition vs. high definition TV; surround sound; and, DVD...
High Definition Television (HDTV): The Potential for Non-Broadcast Applicat...
Curious about HDTV? by Levine (Paperback, 1995)
Book: Industrial Policy American Style: From Hamilton to HDTV by Richard D. Bingh... The proper role of government in the US economy has long been the subject of ideological dispute. This study of industrial policy as practised by administration after administration, explores the variations from a hands-off approach to protectionist...
Book: Newnes Guide to Television and Video Technology: The Guide for the Digital ... Provides coverage of video and television technology including the developments in display equipment, HDTV and DVD. Starting with TV fundamentals, this book covers the technologies that are bringing growth to the TV and video market, such as plasma...
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