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Books: Fiction

The Gondola Scam by Jonathan Gash (Paperback, 1985)A Lovejoy novel. Whilst wondering why certain dealers are bidding themselves into poverty for a fake painting, Lovejoy is invited to check whether antiques being secretly lifted from Venice are genuine. The offer is too good to refuse, but it...
Books: The Cuckoo Clock Scam by Roger Silverwood (Hardback, 2010) 
Books: The Picasso Scam by Stuart Pawson (Paperback, 2004) Detective Inspector Charlie Priest of Heckley CID is the kind of copper who likes to get on with the job, though his unorthodox methods have held him at Inspector level for a record-breaking length of time.
Books: The Picasso Scam by Stuart Pawson (Paperback, 2011) Detective Inspector Charlie Priest's unorthodox ways have held him at inspector level for a record-breaking length of time; but Priest does get results. When Charlie suspects a businessman of involvement in an international art fraud, he's taking on...
Zack's Last Scam: Saved by the Bell, No 5 by Beth Cruise (Paperback, 1993)
Books: The Scam, The by Bernard Ashley (Paperback, 1998) Part of the CITY LIMITS series, a story about Mack who lives with his guardian, Auntie Pearl. Mack is left alone when Auntie Pearl goes missing, so his friends come up with a plan to give the impression she is still there to ensure the neighbours...
Books: The Picasso Scam by Stuart Pawson (Paperback, 1995) When Inspector Charlie Priest suspects a now-respected businessman with a shady past of involvement in international art fraud, he's taking on an enemy with friends in high places. But Charlie can be persistent, and when he finds a link with lethal,...
Books: The Believers: How America Fell for Bernard Madoff's $50 Billion Investment... How America fell for financier Bernie Madoff's $50 billion investment scam.
Books: The Great Scarab Scam by Valerie Storey (Paperback / softback, 2009) 
Designer Scam by Colin McDowell (Paperback)
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