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Book: Outsmarting the Scam Artists: How to Protect Yourself From the Most Clever ... A practical guide to avoiding the most common scams, from a fraud-fighting expert U.S. consumers lose billions of dollars each year to scam artists--and the next victim could be you. While anyone can be targeted, many victims are older.
Book: The Believers: How America Fell for Bernard Madoff's $50 Billion Investment... How America fell for financier Bernie Madoff's $50 billion investment scam.
Book: Scam: How the Black Leadership Exploits Black America by Reverend Jesse Lee... 
Free the Manchester United One: The Inside Story of Football's Greatest Sca...The story of how the players of Manchester United and Liverpool conspired to arrange that United would win their game with Liverpool. As a result, eight players were banned for life, one lost his life, the reputations of the two clubs were tainted...
The Scam: Who Won, Who Lost, Who Got away? by Sucheta Dalal, Debashis Basu ...
Bubble: A Study of Scam, Scandal and Corruption in the Indian Stock Market ...
Chuck Whitlock's Scam School by Chuck Whitlock (Paperback, 1997)
Gondola Scam by Jonathan Gash (Hardback, 1984)
Book: Scam!: Inside America's Con Artist Clans by Don Wright (Paperback, 1996) Focuses on the family of Irish traveller con artists and explores the full range of the ethnic clans, uncovering America's secret crime families. This book provides details about the travellers' secret lifestyles and outlines their wide range of...
The Development of an Audit Learning Package: SCAM: Auditing is by Christin...
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