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Mobile Phone: Nokia 6310i - Mistral beige (Unlocked) Mobile Phone The Nokia 6310i is a true world-class performer that keeps you connected when you're on the move - even globally. Its tri-band connection gives you coverage on five continents and its Java technology lets you download applications to customize your...
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Mobile Phone: Nokia 1100 - Jet black (Unlocked) Mobile Phone The Nokia 1100 phone lets you conduct business in confidence and style - in the shop or on the move, during the mid-morning rush or at midnight. New features like the long-lasting battery and a durable design help you work even smarter.The Nokia 1100...
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Mobile Phone: Nokia E71 - Steel grey (Unlocked) Smartphone The Nokia E71: designed for business, with high-speed downloads, faster messaging and email. Today work is where you are. Now meet the mobile device designed for the way you work. With optimized messaging and email, high speed connections, and...
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Mobile Phone: Nokia 113 - Black (Unlocked) Mobile Phone The Nokia 113 black unlocked cellular phone is well-suited to meeting your mobile communications needs and storing moments in time whenever you desire. The SD Memory card on this Nokia 113 cellular phone can be used to keep all of your files, with...
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Mobile Phone: Nokia 6700 classic - Chrome (Unlocked) Mobile Phone Modern slim design with premium materials and impressive featuresExcellent imaging deviceFast web browsing with Nokia OSS browser and HSPA (10MBit/S) and HSUPA (2MBit/S)Extended talk timeGreat talk qualityEasy to share pictures through favorite...
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Mobile Phone: Nokia 6303 classic - Steel (Unlocked) Mobile Phone Enjoy the feel of durable stainless steel. The compact size and rounded design fit comfortably in you hand. Capture and share special moments right from your phone. It's easy to take photos and videos and exchange them on-line with friends and...
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Mobile Phone: Nokia Asha Asha 201 - Black (Unlocked) Mobile Phone 
Mobile Phone: Nokia 3120 - Iron blue (Unlocked) Mobile Phone Designed for both business and pleasure, the elegant Nokia 3120 phone offers a pleasing mix of features. Enclosed within its chic, compact body, you will discover the benefits of tri-band compatibility, a color screen, MMS, XHTML browsing, cheerful...
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Mobile Phone: Nokia 8310 - Red Hot (Unlocked) Mobile Phone Redefine the way you communicate - with the Nokia 8310. You have your own style and the Nokia 8310 lets you express it, colorfully, and with a broad range of intelligent features. Every aspect of this mobile phone offers an exciting new perspective...
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Mobile Phone: Nokia Lumia 620 - 8 GB - White (Unlocked) Smartphone 
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