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Headset: Logitech G35 Black Headband Headsets for PC Get right into the heart of your PC games thanks to 7.1 Dolby surround sound with the G35 Surround Sound Headset from Logitech! With laser-adjustable transducer speakers, the G35 delivers crystal clear sound, so you'll hear your enemies before they...
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The Hunger Games - Catching Fire (DVD)THE HUNGER GAMES saga continues in this sequel that finds a revolution brewing as Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) and Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson) take a 'Victor's Tour' of the districts, and President Snow (Donald Sutherland) plots their...
Video Game: Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition for Sony PSP RockStar games, in association with DUB Magazine, have come up with a high on adrenaline version of Midnight Club with Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition. Loaded with a number of city maps including Atlanta, Detroit, and San Diego, the game is crazy and...
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Video Game: Max Payne for Microsoft Xbox 
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Video Game: Mafia II for Windows Mafia II is a Windows video game that takes your through the tough and twisted life of Vito Scaletta, a gangster living in Empire Bay. The theme of this role-playing game is based on the mafia scene in the 1940s to 50s, and features the cars,...
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CD: Various Artists - Isles of Wonder (Music for the Opening Ceremony of the Lo... Various Artists, 2012
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DVD & Blu-ray : Beat The Intro (DVD, 2004) 2004An interactive DVD game which involves players listening to the intro of a song and then answering questions on it. Contains tracks released between the 1970s and the present date.
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Book: Harrington on Hold 'em: Expert Strategy for No Limit Tournaments: v. 1: Str... 
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Video Game: BioShock for Windows BioShock is a unique game that mixes a spine-chilling setting illustrated with art deco art and architecture, sci-fi themes of bio-genetic mutation and self-modification, a deep storyline with open-choice freedom to interact with the world as you...
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Video Game: Cooking Mama 2: Dinner With Friends for Nintendo DS In Cooking Mama 2: Dinner with Friends, Mama returns to cook up even more delicious meals. Featuring the player’s cooking coach, Mama, Cooking Mama 2 teaches gamers how to cook by using the touchscreen and the microphone. By using the Nintendo DS’s...
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