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Video Game: Family Guy for Microsoft Xbox 
Video Game: Canis Canem Edit / Bully for Sony PlayStation 2 Canis Canem Edit/Bully is an action-adventure Sony PlayStation 2 video game that is set in Bullworth Academy - a fictional boarding school. The story of this action-adventure game revolves around Jimmy Hopkins - a troublemaking teenage student. In...
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Andrea Pirlo: I Think Therefore I Play by BackPage Press Limited (Paperback...
Book: Things to Do Now That You're Retired by Jane Garton (Paperback, 2008) Aims to encourage readers to make the most of their retirement, to appreciate the extra time they have to spend pursuing activities they enjoy and exploring new ones. This book offers suggestions for how to come to terms with yourself, your friends...
Video Game: Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition for Sony PSP RockStar games, in association with DUB Magazine, have come up with a high on adrenaline version of Midnight Club with Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition. Loaded with a number of city maps including Atlanta, Detroit, and San Diego, the game is crazy and...
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Video Game: Imagine: Babies for Nintendo DS Sharpen your baby-sitting skills with Imagine: Babies for Nintendo DS, a simulation video game. It’s your first baby-sitting job and you are required to take care of the neighbor’s babies in this Ubisoft video game. Play with the babies, dress them...
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Video Game: Bejeweled 3 for Nintendo 3DS The biggest, brightest Bejeweled ever!Take the biggest, brightest Bejeweled everywhere you go!Discover all-new ways to play the world s #1 puzzle game. Find your perfect match with 8 breathtaking game modes that meet all your moods ease into Classic...
Book: The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia by Shigeru Miyamoto, Eiji Aonuma (Hard... A collection of historical information on The Legend of Zelda franchise. It contains concept art, the full history of Hyrule, the official chronology of the games, and more. It also offers an introduction by the producer and video-game designer of...
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Video Game: Prey for Microsoft Xbox 360 Prey for Xbox 360 is a first-person shooter game that is based on factual Native American and Cherokee folklore. In this Xbox 360 game, players become an indigenous native who is named Tommy, and the object of Prey is to explore the living ship for a...
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Book: This is Not a Book by Keri Smith (Paperback, 2011) With intriguing prompts, this book helps you discover: a secret message, a recording device, an instrument. It engages readers by having them define everything a book can be by asking, 'If it's not a book, what is it then?' - with a kaleidoscope of...
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