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Book: Brain Scam by Jonathan Harlen (Paperback, 2005) A funny, fast-paced story about a boy who infiltrates Kreeb's Correct-a-torium, a school for delinquent children, and rescues everyone from the evil Professor who runs it. Ages 8-12.
Book: The Wind Farm Scam by John Etherington (Paperback, 2009) 
Book: The Believers: How America Fell for Bernard Madoff's $65 Billion Investment... How America fell for financier Bernie Madoff's $65 billion investment scam.
Books: The Cuckoo Clock Scam by Roger Silverwood (Hardback, 2010) 
Books: The Big Scam: A Novel of the FBI by Paul Lindsay (Other book format, 2005) The author of Traps and The Fuhrer's Reserve returns with the tale of an FBI special investigative unit full of renegade agents that uncover a huge Mafia scam.
Books: The Big Scam: A Novel of the FBI by Paul Lindsay (Paperback, 2010) 
Books: The Picasso Scam by Stuart Pawson (Electronic book text, 2011) DI Charlie Priest likes to get on with the job, though his unorthodox ways have held him at inspector level for a record-breaking length of time; but Priest does get results. When Charlie suspects a businessman, with a background of extortion and...
The Sandwich Scam by Karen Wallace (Electronic book text, 2009)A new craze is sweeping the kingdom and the Queen is not pleased; the countryside is being littered with piles of uneaten bread. Can the Crook Catchers come up with a plan to catch the culprit?
Book: Fucking on Fridays: My Old Man and the Great Sausage Scam by Clive Kristen ... 
Screaming Jets - Scam (2000)
CD: Screaming Jets - Scam (2000) (Screaming Jets, 2000)
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