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Book: Heart Frauds: Uncovering the Biggest Health Scam in History by Charles T. M... If your doctor recommends getting an angiogram, coronary bypass surgery, balloon angioplasty, or taking cholesterol-lowering drugs, your best course of action may be to run out the door. This book helps you learn which procedures and treatments to...
The Nigerian Scam Masters: An Expose of a Modern International Gang by Haro...Harold Baines tells of his experience of being the target of a professional scam operation being run out of Nigeria. According to law enforcement agencies, other victims are being lured into Nigeria where several have already been killed.
Twisted Genius: Confessions of a 10 Million Dollar Scam Man by Phil Berger,...
Book: The Believers: How America Fell for Bernard Madoff's $50 Billion Investment... How America fell for financier Bernie Madoff's $50 billion investment scam.
Book: The Great American Job Scam: Corporate Tax Dodging and the Myth of Job Crea... Says that America has neglected the two things that are proven winners in economic development: skills and infrastructure. The US faces a skilled-labor crisis due to the baby boom generation's approaching mass retirement. It has also woefully...
Scam by Harold Coyne (Hardback, 1991)
Book: Student Loan Scam: The Most Oppressive Debt in U.S. History- and How We Can... 
The Glam Scam: Successfully Avoiding the Casting Couch and Other Talent Mod...
Books: The Scam, The by Peter Lloyd (Paperback, 1996) 
Book: City Limits: Bk. 2: The Scam by Bernard Ashley (Hardback, 1997) Part of the CITY LIMITS series, a story about Mack who lives with his guardian Auntie Pearl. Mack is left alone when Auntie Pearl goes missing, so his friends come up with a plan to give the impression she is still there to ensure the neighbours...
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