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Book: Scam!: Inside America's Con Artist Clans by Don Wright (Paperback, 1996) Focuses on the family of Irish traveller con artists and explores the full range of the ethnic clans, uncovering America's secret crime families. This book provides details about the travellers' secret lifestyles and outlines their wide range of...
The Picasso Scam by Stuart Pawson (CD-ROM, 2008)
Book: The Sandwich Scam by Karen Wallace (Paperback, 2000) A new craze is sweeping the kingdom and the Queen is not pleased; the countryside is being littered with piles of uneaten bread. Can the Crook Catchers come up with a plan to catch the culprit?
Books: The Scam Traders by Stanley E Asia (Paperback / softback, 2005) 
The Development of an Audit Learning Package: SCAM: Auditing is by Christin...
Information Trickery: The Great IT Upgrade Scam by Brian Hitchen, Michael V...
The Picasso Scam by Stuart Pawson (Hardback, 1995)Detective Inspector Charles Priest is a unique copper who will stop at nothing to put villains behind bars.
Scam: You Won't Get Fooled Again - Alternative Guide to the Music Industry ...
Book: Anatomy of a Scam: A Study of a Planned Bankruptcy by Organized Crime by Ed... 
Scam! by Peter H. Engel (Paperback, 1996)
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