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The Scam: Who Won, Who Lost, Who Got away? by Sucheta Dalal, Debashis Basu ...
Bubble: A Study of Scam, Scandal and Corruption in the Indian Stock Market ...
Designer Scam by Colin McDowell (Paperback)
Book: Circus Scam by Alison Milford (Paperback, 2007) 
Book: Chuck Whitlock's Scam School by Chuck Whitlock (Paperback, 1997) 
Book: Zack's Last Scam by Beth Cruise (Paperback, 1994) One of a series of novels based on the American television show Saved by the Bell , following the fortunes of six teenage students at Bayside School, and their inventive schemes and mischievous dreams.
The Scam by Roderick Kalberer (Hardback, 1995)Customs officer Andy Ballot has been trying to nail Samuel Tate, a drugs smuggler, for years. Now Tate is planning his most ambitious drugs scam yet. Can Andy persuade Tate's old colleague Edward to retire from the drugs game before Tate gets to him?
Books: The Scam by Roderick Kalberer (Paperback, 1995) Roderick Kalberer's thriller is an insight into the complicated mind and ruthless world of the international drug smuggler.
Books: The Tellin Twins: The Great Art Scam by Francis G Manley (Paperback / softb... 
Scam and Eggs by Janet Dawson (Hardback, 2003)This collection of short stories covers a variety of moods and manners, and plot twists.
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