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Book: Show Me a Story: 40 Craft Projects and Activities to Spark Children's Story... Children love to make up stories, and group storytelling offers great fun as well as learning opportunities for families, classroom groups, and any gathering of friends. This book is filled with creative craft projects and activities for...
CD: Graeme Revell - Craft [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] (Original Soundt... Graeme Revell, 1996Original score composed by Graeme Revell.
Pin and Thread Craft by Warren Farnworth (Hardback, 1975)
Book: Actor's Art and Craft: William Esper Teaches the Meisner Technique by Damon... 
The Craft of Woodcarving by Anthony Denning (Paperback, 1996)Based around 12 specially-commissioned pieces of woodcarving, this book is a guide to getting started, choosing the right tools, using the best carving techniques and choosing the best wood for the purpose intended. The projects include a...
Craft of Terror: Stories from the Famous Gothic Horror Novels (Paperback, 1...
100 Simple Bible Craft Ideas for Children by Sue Price (Paperback, 1998)
Book: Make Your Own Walking Sticks: How to Craft Canes and Staffs from Rustic to ... Suitable for woodworkers, carvers and turners of various skill levels, this work shows you 15 walking stick projects that range from a basic pine staff to a sophisticated brass-adorned turned cane. It also provides step-by-step instructions, detailed...
Book: The Craft of Temari by Mary Wood (Paperback, 1991) Providing a comprehensive guide to the ancient craft of temari which originated in Japan, this book describes how to make the foundation mari on which to work the designs, the basic techniques of wrapping and stitching, the use of colour, and the...
Book: The Druid Craft Tarot: Use the Magic of  Wicca and Druidry to Guide Your Li... Here, for the first time, is a tarot that combines the two fundamental spiritualities of Nature - Wicca and Druidry - and reflects the explosion of interest in the western magical traditional and paganism. This is a full deck of 78 cards, each a...
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