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Blackalicious - Craft (2005)
CD: Blackalicious - Craft (2005) (Blackalicious, 2005)
OutKast was only one of many rap artists to gain a profile among music fans of all stripes, even as they sold millions of records, but it must have been difficult for those in the hip-hop underground to greet their general commercial breakout with...
DVD & Blu-ray : The Craft (DVD, 2007) Andrew Fleming, 2007
DVD & Blu-ray : The Craft (DVD, 2007) (Andrew Fleming, 2007)
Four teenage girls, outsiders in their clique-ridden religious school, find an outlet for their pent-up hostilities when they form a supernatural coven. Armed with the power of the craft, these novice witches gleefully take vengeance on their...
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DVD & Blu-ray : Anne Of Avonlea (DVD, 2008) Joan Craft, 2008Following ANNE OF THE GREEN GABLES, this series covers the second chapter in the life of Anne Shirley. ANNE OF AVONLEA follows Anne from the age of 16 to 18, during the two years that she teaches at Avonlea school. It includes many of the characters...
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The Blacksmith's Craft: An Introduction to Smithing for Apprentices and Cra...
Book: The Wicca Bible: The Definitive Guide to Magic and the Craft by Ann-Marie G... Introduction to Wicca; Section 1: Eight Sabbats: The Year's Wheel; Section 2: The Five Sacred Elements; Section 3: Wiccan Paths and Traditions; Section 4: Gods and Goddesses; Section 5: Visualisations; Section 6: The Sacred Circle; Section 7:...
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Book: Parchment Craft by Carla Larter (Hardback, 1999) An introduction to parchment craft. It guides the reader through the different stages of designing, painting, perforating and embossing parchment, to make over 25 projects. There are 150 step-by-step illustrations and colour photographs to show the...
Book: Craft in Motion: Iris Folding by Eileen Goddard (Paperback, 2005) Uses the Craft in Motion system of displaying movement on the page to demonstrate in flowing sequences how to create beautiful craft works using the craft of Iris folding. Practical, easy-to-use, and full of professional hints and tips, this book...
Book: Complete Craft by Katherine Sorrell (Hardback, 2002) Containing 60 projects created specially for the book by leading artists, every project is a modern classic and can be recreated in the home. Each project is accompanied by specially commissioned photography.
The Craft of the Classroom: A Survival Guide to Classroom Management in the...
Book: Des Pawson's Knot Craft: 28 Ropework Projects by Des Pawson (Paperback, 200... A treasure trove of recipes for making a wealth of items, this book contains projects ranging from bellropes, key fobs and fenders to mats, doorstops, knife lanyards and belts, along with the background to many projects and guidance as to how they...
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