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CD: Graeme Revell - Craft [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] (Original Soundt... Graeme Revell, 1996Original score composed by Graeme Revell.
Storage (DVD, 2010)
DVD & Blu-ray : Storage (DVD, 2010) (Michael Craft, 2010)
Following his father's brutal murder, 17 year old Jimmy (Matthew Scully) moves in with his ex SAS officer uncle Leonard (Damien Garvey). Whilst exploring the maze of corriders at the basement storage facility Leonard runs, Jimmy comes across Francis...
Book: The Craft of Stickmaking by Leo Gowan (Paperback, 2000) Designed to appeal to the novice and craftsman alike, this guide explores all aspects of the traditional art of stickmaking.
Book: The Wicca Bible: The Definitive Guide to Magic and the Craft by Ann-Marie G... Introduction to Wicca; Section 1: Eight Sabbats: The Year's Wheel; Section 2: The Five Sacred Elements; Section 3: Wiccan Paths and Traditions; Section 4: Gods and Goddesses; Section 5: Visualisations; Section 6: The Sacred Circle; Section 7:...
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Book: Pergamano Book of Parchment Craft by Martha Ospina (Hardback, 1998) A parchment craft handbook. It contains 15 step-by-step projects, each photographed in colour, plus 20 additional designs for inspiration. There are ideas to suit all ages and abilities, and patterns are included for every design featured.
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Book: Actor's Art and Craft: William Esper Teaches the Meisner Technique by Damon... 
The Craft of Woodcarving by Anthony Denning (Paperback, 1996)Based around 12 specially-commissioned pieces of woodcarving, this book is a guide to getting started, choosing the right tools, using the best carving techniques and choosing the best wood for the purpose intended. The projects include a...
Craft of Terror: Stories from the Famous Gothic Horror Novels (Paperback, 1...
100 Simple Bible Craft Ideas for Children by Sue Price (Paperback, 1998)
Book: Building the Timber Frame House: The Revival of a Forgotten Craft by James ... 
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