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The Craft: DIY Hair and Beauty by Louise Teasdale (Hardback, 2014)An edgy and fashionable hair and make-up book, featuring 25 cool projects to do at home.
DVD & Blu-ray : Anne Of Avonlea (DVD, 2008) Joan Craft, 2008Following ANNE OF THE GREEN GABLES, this series covers the second chapter in the life of Anne Shirley. ANNE OF AVONLEA follows Anne from the age of 16 to 18, during the two years that she teaches at Avonlea school. It includes many of the characters...
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DVD & Blu-ray : Lorna Doone (DVD, 2008, 2-Disc Set) Joan Craft, 2008Set in late 17th Century Exmoor, LORNA DOONE is the epic tale of one woman's struggle to break free from her cruel and oppressive family--and a loveless arranged marriage. How ironic, then, that her saviour and suitor should be none other than family...
Book: The Druid Craft Tarot Deck by Stephanie Carr-Gomm, Will Worthington, Philip... At a time when we seek closer connection with the natural world, this title invites us to celebrate the earth and the rhythm of her seasons. It combines the two great streams of Western Pagan tradition - Wicca and Druidry.
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Book: Des Pawson's Knot Craft: 35 Ropework Projects by Des Pawson (Paperback, 200... A treasure trove of recipes for making a wealth of items, this book contains projects ranging from bellropes, key fobs and fenders to mats, doorstops, knife lanyards and belts, along with the background to many projects and guidance as to how they...
Book: The Craft of Stickmaking by Leo Gowan (Hardback, 1991) 
Book: The Craft of Temari by Mary Wood (Paperback, 1991) Providing a comprehensive guide to the ancient craft of temari which originated in Japan, this book describes how to make the foundation mari on which to work the designs, the basic techniques of wrapping and stitching, the use of colour, and the...
Felt Craft: Handcrafted Felt from Fleece to Finished Projects by Sue Freema...
Book: The Arts and Crafts Busy Book: 365 Art and Craft Ideas to Keep Toddlers and... Offers 365 arts and crafts projects for children ages two to six, including instructions for making paints, play dough, and craft clay with ingredients found in the home.
Book: Ratio: The Simple Codes Behind the Craft of Everyday Cooking by Michael Ruh... Culinary expert Michael Ruhlman explains that great cooking starts with the mastery of basic proportions and fundamental techniques, not with recipes.
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